Stanford is Open

The travel bug may have had to take a back seat for a while, but now it’s time for it to get back into the drivers’ seat. And where better than a little jewel of a village surrounded by mountains, vineyards and oceans with a river running through it. Stanford has it all!

Mountains have always captivated and inspired the human spirits. There seems to be a powerful attraction, which stirs a desire to either explore and conquer its peaks, or merely rest and relax in its valleys and rivers.

Whichever appeals to you, there is a landscape of diverse flora and fauna waiting to be explored by foot, horseback, bike or 4×4. Stanford is the perfect base from which to explore these majestic structures and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction for local food artisans to put together the most delicious and nutritious picnics and snack packs for your hike. We may even suggest some of our local wines for you to enjoy in the shade of the Kleinrivier mountains.

Hiking Trails
Hikers are spoilt for choice in this region, not only with the spectacular views and abundance of varying biomes, but you have your choice of anything from a gentle walk and picnic to a multi-day hike. Phillipskop Mountain Reserve offers a unique opportunity to access part of the Klein River Mountains. Visitors are welcome to hike anywhere on the reserve, but they have established a number of hiking trails to help you in your exploration. Just 2 kilometers east of Phillipskop Mountain Reserve is the beautiful Stanford Valley Guest Farm and Manor House Restaurant. Clearly marked trails snake up the back of the farm into the Perdeberg Mountains with beautiful vistas from the top of the Kleinriver Mountains as they snake towards Hermanus. The route takes one through an area thick, pristine fynbos and dotted with an incredible selection of indigenous trees. Over 120 bird species have been sighted in these mountains, including sunbirds, kingfishers, the Cape rockjumper and the black eagle. Various antelope make the range their home, and if quiet, it is not unusual to stumble across grey duiker, klipspringer, bontebok, baboons and other small mammals. See more on walks and hiking trails in our region.

Mountain Biking
As home to the Stanford MTB Classic stage event we have so much to offer the avid Mountain Biker and the whole family! Start in Stanford and explore the many tracks through the fynbos and nature reserves. Plenty of riding opportunities exist on the network of jeep tracks across farms and interleading farm roads in the area.

Horse Trails
Explore our wonderful region on horseback, as many of the early explorers must have. African Horse Company offers 1-3 hours or multi–day horse trails and outrides. You will ride along kilometers of unspoiled beach, climb rugged mountain terrain, ride through indigenous forest, cross private farms and vineyards and swim with your horse in dams filled with the purest mountain water.

River Adventures
For some, the mere luxury of gazing up from the valleys and rivers to take in the numerous rock formations is enough food for the soul. In Stanford we take full advantage of the Kleinivier that laps our village. You can hire a Kayak from River Rat Boat Cruise & Kayak Hire and do some self-exploration.
The river is famous for its large variety of birdlife, breeding and nesting in the reeds on the banks of the river. Other wild life include some buck in a small reserve, otters feeding on crabs, terrapins and the odd puff adder swimming across the river.
Or simply pack a picnic enjoy a leisurely river boat cruise with Lady Stanford, or African Queen Cruises

To discover more of Stanford’s Secrets, pop into the Tourism Office in Queen Victoria Street, or follow on Facebook and Instagram