Stanford Lantern Celebration

Date: 23 September to 28 September 2019

Stanford Lantern Celebration aims to bring people together as one community through artistic expression and theatricals in the form of an annual event that has been designed using the medium of the arts. Through this celebration, cultural and social platforms will be established.

The event will assist in community interactions and economic development. This is a free access event for all the children of Stanford, and we hope the Village will come together to raise the funds to contribute to the Na’Beat team of facilitators  NA-BEAT provides services on different levels for society through the medium of arts education and cultural expression. Using African drumming, dance, drama, creative writing and 3D structure/lantern building as interactive activities to bridge the barriers of education.

As an arts service provider, Na-Beat proposes to add value to the Stanford community and stimulate social and youth development, cohesion, cultural expression and artistic development through workshops designed to inspire and educate.